How do I know if I qualify?

Ask your MOC® Limited Lifetime Warranty authorized service center for a copy of the warranty highlights or contact MOC Products Company, Inc. Warranty department.


How do I sign up?

You must have a qualifying MOC® service performed at an authorized service center. Then visit www.mocwarranty.com to register.


How do I find out what the warrant coverage is?

Visit www.mocwarranty.com. Utilize the vehicle eligibility tool to verify coverage.


If I still need help who do I contact?

Contact your servicing service center or MOC Products Company, Inc. Warranty department.


How long will the Limited Lifetime Warranty last?

As long as the required maintenance MOC® services are performed with in all guidelines, there is no expiration.


If my vehicle breaks down how do I process a claim?

In the event of vehicle break down you must bring your vehicle to the service center that performed the qualifying MOC® service. The service center will diagnosis the failure and if related component failure is a covered component by the MOC® Limited Lifetime warranty the service center will process the claim.

*Note service center may charge towing, diagnostic fee's, or other applicable fee's. MOC® Limited Lifetime Warranty is not responsible for any fee's unless/until the claim is processed and approved by MOC Products Company, Inc. In the event the claim is declined all applicable fee's are the responsibility of the vehicle owner.